In 2012, the Remember the Ten Run Steering Committee announced the creation of the Remember The Ten Run Scholarship Program! This scholarship program is supporting OSU Masters and Doctoral students enrolled in one of the following degree specialties: Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, School Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. Recipients receive a $1,000 cash scholarship with $500 being awarded in the Fall and Spring semesters.

A packet of information can be downloaded HERE.

The Remember The Ten Run is now an annual tradition held on the third Saturday in April. The primary benefactor of the run has been OSU Counseling Services. The run has provided $20,000 per year for the past eleven years to support their endeavors in the areas of grief counseling. The 15th contribution will be made on Saturday, February 5, 2022, at the OSU Men's Bedlam Basketball game, bringing our total contribution to $300,000!

Inspired by the Pickens Legacy Scholarship Matching (PLSM) Program, the run’s steering committee seized the opportunity to fulfill an additional goal they have desired since the run’s inception – the creation of the scholarship. Thanks to the unwavering support of the OSU Foundation, the Remember the Ten Scholarship Program was created. It is currently enrolled in the PLSM Program and will quality for 1.5 to 1 match.

Once fully funded at $250,000, the steering committee hopes to award ten $1,000 scholarships each academic year. OSU Counseling Services will continue to be supported every year.

Please help us raise awareness of this new program by promoting this page - you can copy and paste this URL, it is not a live link: www.remembertheten.com/the-event/scholarship-program/

And, your donation to support this wonderful cause will also be greatly appreciated!

Scholarship Recipients

Academic Year 2019-2020
Samantha Addante
Delaney Dunn
Cassandra Krug
RaiNesha Miller
Megan Perez
Merrill Reiter
Caroline Roberts
Christina Sharkey
Danielle Taylor
Katherine Traino

Academic Year 2018-2019
Dana Bakula
Bianca Boyd
Brooke Boyts
Alexandria Delozier
Candice Keyes
Darci Klein
Megan Perez
Caroline Roberts
Tori Stevens

Academic Year 2017-2018
Hannah Espeleta
Jennifer Shields
Megan Perez
Ashley Hadwiger
Jacob Kraft
Stephanie J. Tarle
Jamie Bechtelheimer
Kristen Frosio
Logan Shuping

Academic Year 2016-2017
Emma I. Brett
Ashleigh D. Coser
Kaitlyn L. Gamwell
Alicia R. Johnson
Sarah E. Lea
Rachel L. Lewis
Sarah A. Sadler
Christina M. Sharkey
Audrey W. Woods
Julianne A. Yavorski

Academic Year 2015-2016
Kristen Dinneen
Rob Drinkwater
Stephanie Drymon
Douglas Knutson
Eleanor Leavens
Alli Mullins
Connor Patros
Lawrence Richardson
Natalie Richardson
Kristi Triplett

Academic Year 2014-2015
Donna Ackerman
Erin Brannon
Ashley Cole
Rhiannon Dennis
Michael Dunn
Lindsey Fluhman
Sara Hills
Kerry Karaffa
Morganne Kraines
Leigh Ridings

Academic Year 2013-2014
Kelly Johnson
Ellen Meier
Kelsey Romig
Lauren Oseland
Kristen Dinneen
Ashley Helle
Hilary Deshong
Marisa Moore
Greg Lengel
Margaret Bonner

Academic Year 2012-2013
Kristen Dinneen
Andrew Dunkle
Jordan Hoffman
Matt Judah
Mary Miller
Elizabeth Molzon
Lindsay Murrell
Rachelle Ramsey
Raymond Tucker
Thomas Westerling