Three Ways to Contribute

2009-Kerry Alexander and Coach Sutton




The "Remember the Ten Run" organizers welcome help from all volunteers. We have a number of different areas where you can help out prior to the race – race packets, check-in, race course stations, etc. And, after the race, there's the awards ceremony, publicity, etc.

Please fill our our online VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM here!

When you register to run, you're contributing to supporting OSU Counseling Services. OSU Counseling Services assisted the families of the ten following the crash and, today, they counsel students who experience a loss, concern, or crisis.

You can also contribute to supporting the race event itself – The Remember the Ten Program Fund OR the Remember the Ten Run Memorial Scholarship. Thank you!

Sponsors of "Remember the Ten Run" provide the major financial and operations support for our event. These supporters honor "the Ten" with generous donations that assist the steering committee in producing a quality event.

Interested in sponsoring "Remember the Ten Run" this year? Contact one of our sponsor coordinators listed here.